Who is Jesus?

Who is Jesus Christ? What is Jesus? Why is He so important for you?

Who is Jesus Christ - really?

Jesus Christ is the One who has all authority in heaven and on earth. He is the Son of the living God, the Lord of lords and King of kings, who reigns forever. There is no way anyone can describe the full majesty and glory of Jesus Christ.

Jesus is God who became man and who laid down His heavenly power, to become dependant on His heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit. He laid down all His godly attributes and became weak, just like you and me. He allowed man to mock Him, spit at Him, lie about Him, betray Him, torture Him and even kill Him on the cross.

Jesus Christ died for us, to pay the price for our sins.

God did not stay in the glory of Heaven, where it is safe and comfortable, He stepped down into a mortal human body, vulnerable like you and I. And He allowed men to do with Him what they wanted. He was the Lamb of God who was slain. The One who rules eternity, the One through Whom the Almighty God created heaven and earth, He said: I will go and become just like them.”

Not only did Jesus Christ die for us, as a sacrifice for our sins and our selfishness and all our evil, He did much more. He allowed the demons of hell to torture Him, to mock Him, to crucify Him. He allowed satan to slay Him…

Who is Jesus Christ? What is Jesus? Why is He so important for you?

And Jesus Christ went down, very deep, ito the pitts of hell, into the abbys of death, into the deepest places that exist, He went, where no life, no hope is…. Where countless people are bound in chains of guilt and sin… He went there where nobody would ever want to go. Deeper then we can imagine. He gave all He had. He gave it all. He is God who said: “‘I wanna go, I wanna give Myself, I wanna die for them, so that THEY MAY LIVE.”

God did not leave His Son in the depths of darkness and death. The holy Spirit rose Jesus Christ from the dead, the power of God broke through the walls of satan and his demons and destroyed the power of hell.

Jesus Christ rose back to life, in full glory and full victory.

His death was the price that He payed for all mankind, so that everyone who believes in Him, would have eternal life with the heavenly Father.

He did not only say some nice, religious things and He did not teach people some wise lessons. No, Jesus Christ died for all mankind, to destroy the power of satan over man. He broke the powers of sin and shame and opened the door for all of us to become new, brand new children of the holy and eternal God. Jesus Christ did not come to bring a religion, He came to bring life, eternal life, full of the glory of the heavenly Father.

Because He went down in the deepest depths, because He gave all He had and was, because He did not keep anything back to save us, the Father lifted Jesus Christ to the highest place of all power, all authority, all glory, in heaven and earth, forever and ever.

Jesus Christ is exalted above every name. Billions of angels glorify Him in extatic praise and worship.

Millions of people bow before Him, turn to Him to be saved from sin and darkness, death and sickness, to become new people, reborn from the Holy Spirit of God. And millions of demons tremble even at the utterance of His name. They shiver with fear, knowing that the Christ, the Son of God, the holy One of Israel, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Lamb of God, the True and Only King of kings and Lord or lords, is THEIR CONQUEROR and their judge. Satan is full of fear for Jesus Christ and he knows that he has been overcome.

Jesus Christ is also your savior, He is also your Hero, your King who can save you, no matter how deep you are. He can transform your heart, your life, your entire being.

Who is Jesus Christ? What is Jesus? Why is He so important for you?

Bow before Him with everything you have. Bow before the Christ, the Holy One, the One Who reigns forever and ever, who is exalted higher than we can ever realize, the One who has all power in heaven and earth. Bow before Him and worship Him. Acknowlegde that you need His blood, His sacrifice to cleanse you from your sins.

There is a tremendous difference between Jesus Christ and the many other ‘religions’. For one, Jesus Christ is no religion, no, He is a REALITY, the most overwhelming reality there is. And He died for us and He rose to life for us. No other person ever did that. All spiritual leaders are dead, buried and have been eaten by the worms. They were mortal beings with grand words but no power over death. Jesus Christ didn’t come with nice words, He came to die for you and to save you from hell and darkness.

Jesus Christ is totally different from anything and anyone else. He is also your savior, your healer, your deliverer, He is the One who came FOR YOU!

Jesus Christ - Christian Art Poster Picture About the CrossOn this website I have put several Jesus posters that show something of Jesus Christ, something of His tremendous beauty, passionate love and intense glory. Words and pictures can never convey His incredible power and glory. But I know He can use these posters to open our hearts, to speak to us and to show us something of Who He is.

Open your heart for Jesus Christ, get to know Him truly as He is and become filled with His wonderful holy Spirit.

Let Jesus Christ reign over your life, let Him be the One who guides you and Who transforms you into a blessed child of God, who lives in His lifechanging presence.

And use the Christian posters on this website to remind yourself and many others of His incredible sacrifice for us, His tremendous love for us and His overwhelming victory over death, sin, sickness and satan.

Let Him reign in you and I pray that you will become one who is so full of His love and His power that you will show many others how majestic and lifechanging Jesus Christ is.

Bow for Him, worship Him and show Him to the world.

Many blessings,
David Sorensen

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