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High quality gloss coating to maximize longevity
24″ x 36″ large formatted sizing

Christian/religious posters for kids:

Christian poster for kids with cute animals and the beauty of creation. From a young age little children can be influenced by the lies about the origins of life, hearing the stories that God does not exist and that we are all the result of evolution.

Christian posters for kids are designed to help teachers, parents and pastors teach little children about the existence of our beautiful and almighty God and Father in heaven, Who has created all this beauty. This poster will plant in their hearts the knowledge of a great Creator and loving Father. It is ideal for classrooms, churches, bedrooms, etc.

bibleBible verse used on this christian poster for kids:

In the beginning God created
the heavens and the earth
(Genesis 1:1) 

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Dimensions 24 x 36 in


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