Nature Canvas Prints

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God created us to live in Paradise, where we are constantly surrounded by the expressions of His majesty and goodness. Nature has a very healing and relaxing effect on us. Science has proven that enjoying nature’s beauty has a positive influence on our well being. It calms our nerves, inspires our mind and gives a sense of hope to our heart. It’s how we were designed: to enjoy the beauty of God’s amazing creation.

Sadly most of us are often locked up in stone buildings, far away from the wonderful beauty of God’s creation, where we were destined for. To help you experience the glorious beauty of nature in your daily life, nature photographer David Sorensen has now launched a brand new collection of nature photo’s on canvas print, called PARADISE CANVAS PRINTS.

After years of working hard in Christian ministry and business, David Sorensen became overstrained. In order to find rest, he started spending a lot of time in nature. He was surprised how refreshing it was and much it helped him find new hope, peace and strength. It’s during this time that he began photographing nature, to capture the incredible beauty he saw,all around him. He wanted to bring this amazing beauty back under the attention of people.

nature canvas prints

David decided it would help many people enjoy God’s magnificent creation, if he could bring the splendor of nature inside their house and workplace. That’s why he created Paradise Canvas Prints.

You can now enjoy the wonderful colors, beauty, joy, inspiration and majesty of nature right in your home or office. Choose from Landscape Canvas Prints, Birds Canvas Prints, Flowers Canvas Prints, Wildlife Canvas Prints, Nature Canvas Prints and Colorado Wall art. Nature canvas prints are also a great gift for somebody you love. Everybody likes nature, and a gift with the glory of nature, is always sure to make your beloved ones happy.

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