Is God Real?

is god real

God is real is my other website where I explain how real God is.

This site gives convincing proof that God exists (like modern day miracles) and answers  questions like: who is God?, is Jesus God?, is there proof of heaven?, do angels exist? and much more.

Is God real?

Is God a fairy tail for people who need a crutch in life? Or is God real? How can we know for sure that God is real? These testimonies from my own life will show you that God is a reality - the most powerful reality there is!

Proof God exists

Is it possible to prove that God exists? Is there rock hard evidence for the existence of God? Are there facts that nobody can deny, that show us there is a God? Yes, and there is a lot of it. This article lists a lot of amazingly powerful evidence that proves in an undeniable way that God exists.

Who is God?

People have all sorts of opinions about God. Some even say God is the sun or ‘God is in all of us’. How can we know who God is? This article explains who God is and how we can truly know Him.

The power of God

The Love of God

The voice of God

Jesus Christ

Is Jesus God?

Is Jesus real

Jesus movie

What is the holy Spirit?

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

How to receive the Holy Spirit

Speaking in tongues

Do angels exist?

Proof of heaven

Modern day miracles

Voice of God recordings

Hearing God’s voice

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