Christian Inspirational posters

christian inspirational posters

Christian inspirational posters bring more of God in your life, home, church, office or school.

We offer a wide variety of beautiful christian inspirational posters, that lighten up the hearts and minds of people who see them. On this page you can see some of our posters and prints.

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We have received stunning testimonies from people who have been deeply impacted by the truth that is expressed on an inspirational poster. Some have testified of emotional healing or a deeper experience of the love and goodness of God. Others say it has helped their prayer life and encouraged them in their walk with God. We even received a testimony of a young man who sad that he ‘was kept from doing something very stupid’ thanks to an inspirational posters he saw at the right time.

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Everyone needs encouragement and new strength once in a while. That is why inspirational posters can be so powerful.

They not only speak words of truth, hope and love, but they also impact your heart and mind through powerful images. Truth sets us free, while wrong thoughts bring bondage and destruction. Jesus Christ said He is the truth, and that He gives us life in abundance. Being reminded of the life changing words of Jesus Christ through an inspirational poster can help us experience His life and freedom.

Designer of christian inspirational posters

I, David  Sorensen, am a professional visual artist who used to work for all kinds of companies, making a lot of money. One day I decided to spend my life on something else than just chasing money. I wanted to use my gift to show people how amazing God is, how much God loves us and how wonderful it is to know Jesus Christ.

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That is why I started designing a brand new collection of christian inspirational posters.

Many people think God is boring, but the opposite is true. There is nothing boring about God. He is the source of life, joy, power, goodness, love… everything we need and long for is found in Him. God is so beautiful, fascinating, overwhelming and glorious! There is no way anyone can describe how cool God is…

It’s my desire that you will taste something of the incredible power, love, joy and freedom that is found in God alone. He is the one Who can fulfill all our deepest needs for love, peace, joy and hope. He is the One Who gives life in abundance and Who can fulfill our dreams, in a way nothing else can. He is the Creator of heaven and earth, the maker of the universe, how can He be boring?

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There is however a huge difference between God and religion. I grew up in religion, and ran away from it as a teenager, because religion is so hypocritical and dead. It has nothing to do with God. I believe many people and especially youth often run away from God, because of what they see in religion. Religion is a system set up by men, which is void of life, joy, freedom and power, while God wants to overwhelm us with life, joy, freedom and power. He doesn’t bind us, He sets us free.

That is one of the reasons I started designing beautiful inspirational posters, because I wants to show people how awesome God is.

Once people get in touch with Who God really is, they can become radical lovers of God. Once our hearts have been touched by His heart, we fall in love with Him.

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Encounter God

The way to encounter God is simple yet radical: get to know Jesus Christ in a personal way. And learn to be filled with the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God helps us experience God as a reality. Much can be said about the Holy Spirit, but the most important thing is: learn to deeply surrender to the Holy Spirit, get to know Him as your Fiend, Helper, Comforter.

God is our Father, our source and our destiny. Jesus Christ is our Savior, Healer, our Lord and King. The Holy Spirit is the One Who is with us as our Helper, Friend, Teacher. He guides us in all truth, He fills us with the love of God, He reveals to us how wonderful God the Father and Jesus Christ are.

It is my prayer that the christian inspirational posters on this website will help create a longing in many hearts to know God better.

We have inspirational posters for youth, college students, kids, men, women, classrooms, teachers, office, workplace, well, basically anyone.

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