Your order supports worldwide evangelism

David and Renate Sorensen serve the Lord with their entire life. They live in the Netherlands (Europe), where they reach the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and where they train christians to become mature and fruitful in Christ.

They make powerful christian websites that reach hundreds of thousands of people with the love of Jesus Christ, they organize christian conferences where people have life changing encounters with God, they go on the streets to tell people about the love of God and pray for the sick, they disciple people personally, they support church planting, and so much more.

David and Renate also support several international missions projects.

They support missions in the Philippines to help boys and girls get free from the sex industry and go to school. And they support missions amongst the gipsies in Romania: helping the poor, planting house churches and making it possible for young people to go to university.

David Sorensen set up this website with religious posters for two reasons:

  1. to show people in a visual way how much God loves them and how wonderful Jesus Christ is.
  2. as a source of income to support his international missions and evangelism work.

So your order directly helps both the work of David and Renate Sorensen in Europe and worldwide, and it support the missions work in the Philippines and Romania.

I hope this will encourage you to buy some extra christian posters, as a blessing for many people!

Thank you so much,
David and Renate Sorensen and kids.