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Christian posters can be used by God in a miraculous way, to transform the lives of His beloved people.

Many people have sent me astonishing testimonies of how God changed, healed and even saved them through Christian posters. On this page I will share some of these wonderful stories. They not only show the power of Christian posters that are inspired by God, but also how real God is and how He loves to heal, save and encourage His deeply beloved precious children.

Inspirational Christian Art Poster Print About God's Love

The first story, is that of a lady whose husband had left her for someone else. As the result of this, she had a mental breakdown. She wrote me:

‘Every day I stood in front of the Christian poster ‘God’s love for you is overwhelming’. Seeing the love of God through this poster, has healed me than all the therapy I had.’

Can you imagine this? A lady with a broken heart as the result of her husband who had left her for a younger girl. Her heart was literally shattered and mentally she was crippled. She followed therapy to find healing for her wrecked heart. But God spoke to her so powerfully through the Christian poster about His deep, intense, incredible love for her… Day after day she looked at the Christian art that shows the love of her heavenly father who so deeply cares for her…And she says that God used this religious poster to heal her. Wow…

Another story also touched me deeply. A young man said he was kept from suicide by seeing one of our posters on a critical time in his live. He saw the poster ‘To God your are sublime’ and was so deeply touched, that he couldn’t stop weeping. He said: 

‘I was on my way to do something very stupid… and God touched me through this poster. I still get emotional when I think back of it!’

A third testimony came from a mother, who told me: ‘I was verbally abused by my husband, and lay on my bed crying. My daughter came in with the Christian poster ‘The Father loves you!’ as a gift for me. I felt a waterfall of love wash over me and I got such an experience and revelation of the Father’s love for me. It has changed me forever.

‘Now I have a deep knowledge of how the Father loves me, thanks to this christian poster that was given to me as a gift at a crucial time!’

The fourth story I would like to share, comes from the director of a Catholic school in Australia. This man had put the Christian poster ‘Fire of God’s love’ on the wall of his office. He said: ‘Every time I look at this poster, it so touches me that I feel a desire to get on my knees and pray’.

Can you imagine the impact of this on his school? This poster encourages him to seek a more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and go deeper in prayer. What kind of spiritual impact will this have on his school, that suddenly has a director that prays more often.

Simply as the result of seeing the burning love of Jesus Christ at the cross, pictured on a religious poster.

The following story is absolutely breathtaking… Some people may not even believe it, although the Bible speaks volumes about the presence of Gods servants, the angels, among Christians. I will share it anyway, simply because it shows the tremendous spiritual power of a christian posters that was created under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. A pastor wrote me:

Christian inspirational religious art poster with the name of Jesus Christ‘We were gathering with our house church in a home, where one of your art works was hanging. It was the poster ‘Jesus, Son of the almighty’. We were singing and dancing in worship to the Lord. We had a lady in our midst with a prophetic ministry. Suddenly she saw how angels came in the room through the posterIt was a doorway from the spiritual realm into the natural. The angels danced and sang along with the people, and stood in front of the poster, talking about the name of Jesus Christ.’

As a professional artist, I have always known that art is a door from the spiritual realm to the natural world.

Many people have art in their home that is inspired by demons and they don’t realize that, because of this, there can be demonic attack on their life and family. Many Christians wear cloths that have sinful and demonic images printed on them – even some pastors do this. It shows a lack of spiritual insight.

I was in a home one day and saw pieces and pictures of inspired art everywhere, but it was depressing, sad, dark, not inspired by the Spirit of God, but inspired by a spirit of death and sadness. Then I heard the lady of the house say that her husband was suffering from depression. I told her: Remove all these pieces of art from the house, and cleanse the house in prayer in the name of Jesus Christ and replace it with art that has been inspired by God, who gives life, joy, freedom etc.’

It is important what we wear on our bodies and what we hang on our walls. The story of the angels who entered a home through one of our God-inspired religious art posters shows this reality. Bring artworks in your home that have been inspired by the Holy Spirit, who gives life, joy and healing and you will create an atmosphere of heaven.

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Many blessings,
David Sorensen

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