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High quality gloss coating to maximize longevity
24″ x 36″ large formatted sizing

Christian/religious posters for kids

This beautiful Christian poster for kids shows a puppy that listens to praise and worship music. The Bible says: ‘Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord!’ (Psalm 150:6) Little children and youth love cute animals and will love this Christian poster. It is a cool and fun way to encourage kids and youth to praise God with all their heart. Praising God helps us enter His presence, where we can experience God’s love in a deeper way, through the Holy Spirit.

In a world where satan is trying all he can to lead children and youth away from God and into the darkness of sin, it is very important to help kids focus on God. Jesus Christ has so much good things in store for them, so much joy, love peace, goodness… He helps children experience heaven on earth, He said every child has an angel, and He can help them receive the Holy Spirit so they can share His love with others, through the gifts of the Spirit.

He is the One wo can make our children truly happy, nothing else. This Christian poster for kids and youth is designed to encourage them to enjoy the presence of God. He satisfies their deepest hearts desires more than anything else.

Use this christian poster in classrooms, churches, dorms, homes, schools etc.

bibleBible verse on this Christian poster for kids:

“Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord.”
(Psalm 150:6)


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