Let Christianity Inspire Your Kids And Make Them Good Humans

Christianity has always been the driving force for humans, and has helped them to develop and attain the heights that God expects from them. But in modern times, when children are surrounded with all the lies, prejudices and sins all around, it becomes very important for them to be inspired in a way which reaches them, touches them and makes them a better human being.

Christianity is the path to self realization, without any lies, prejudices and sins. It is a valuable tool which a child can be given for their successes and betterment, which is much more valuable than some money. It is not a concept of the Middle Ages or for the old, but it is relevant for every age, every person and every society. Taking Jesus onto the turf of tired and exhausted frustrated souls can be a huge difference to make their lives better. Because he is the only alternative for the sex, rock n roll and drugs that they are surrounded by and provide them the required healing and enlightenment.

The message of the Holy Spirit has been calm and extremely simple and it resides upon the one true message of love, redemption, salvation and hope. But over the years, either the interpretation or the implication of Christianity has changed making it a perfect pit stop for conservative ideologies. Today, the messages of the lord are accepted by these conservative ideologies and not the other way around. It is often being tailored for the peace loving individuals who are conservative and happy to sing old hymns. For those who don’t do this, Christianity just doesn’t hit them and they often find it quite difficult to crack the method to connect with their children and teach them the true spirit of Christ.

Telling the kids about how the Holy Father loves them and accepts them for who they truly are and for whatever they have to give back; it can positively affect the child and make them feel much closer and connect to the god.

As the Proverbs 22:6 truly say that “Guide a child in the path that he should go, and he won’t deter from it when he’s old”. With the help of pictures, posters one can effectively teach the spirits of Christianity to the child and transform their world with truth, positivity, love and make their lives better and true believers of the god.

Christian posters for kids can help

christian religious bible jesus posters kids puppy praise

Christian posters for kids can help make your children aware of God’s goodness

If you really want your kids to become better human beings in future who are also the true believers of the teachings of Holy Christ, so they develop their own faith in Jesus, then you must not step back in making such fruitful efforts. Make them read well to make them see well, there are posters and pictures available that showcase the great tenets of Christianity. Such stuff in your living space will transform your children’s lives for sure and they will always see the world with the lens of truth, love and positivity.

How Faith in Almighty God Gives Courage to Overcome Life’s Troubles

Life is a combination of bundle of happiness as well as varying seasons of troubles. Many a times, people face significant level of trouble in coping up with hardships which arise in the path of their success and this sufferings often make them demotivated and disheartened. With a tired and unenthusiastic soul, no one of us can grow and succeed in life. But, there is always a guiding hand of Almighty God which is available to provide us strength, courage and confidence in all phases of life. Through His guidance and support, we can stand fearlessly even in the hard and unfavourable situations of life.

God always have some better plans for His dearest children to help them overcome the hurdles of their life in a soothing manner.

Hence, when your life seems to be tragic and out of control, hold your trust over God and His Holy doctrine that can bring you out of the hardest life moments. As God loves and cares for each one of us, He always showers His blessings to help his followers attain peace and contentment in their life.

There comes a time in every individual’s life when he/she struggles to achieve peace, success and happiness, seeking a spiritual path during this hard time is the best way to attain serenity and be on a righteous path. Praying to God by opening your heart and confessing all your sins before Him offer you miraculous strength to stay rigid and face the situation with positively and confidence.

A sincere and peaceful remembrance of God empowers you to stay focused towards your goal and prevent you from going towards sin and outrage. In order to feel the presence of God around you, some adorable Christian posters can be put over the walls of your living space.

Christian posters are the amazing art forms which bring a great count of positive vibes in your surroundings by showcasing the spiritual images of the Almighty around you. By putting Christian posters, Bible posters, Jesus posters or Religious Posters, you can bring a great level of encouragement in your lives.  The daily encouragement and strength attained through these posters can definitely lead your life to a positive path. These powerful posters can also help you deal with all the troubles in an optimistic way and always be on the right path even during the difficult phase.

Christian posters for kids can help

christian religious bible jesus posters kids puppy praise

Christian posters for kids can help make your children aware of God’s goodness

If you really want your kids to become better human beings in future who are also the true believers of the teachings of Holy Christ, so they develop their own faith in Jesus, then you must not step back in making such fruitful efforts. Make them read well to make them see well, there are posters and pictures available that showcase the great tenets of Christianity. Such stuff in your living space will transform your children’s lives for sure and they will always see the world with the lens of truth, love and positivity.

Let Your Kids Shower Under the Blessings of Jesus

Every parent in this world wishes to raise their children in an environment where they can understand the true meaning of life and attain God’s wisdom. This can be achieved when parents themselves are aware of the love God showers on his children. The Son of God, Jesus answers some of the most complicated questions of life in Mark 10; here he also shows us how close children are to his heart.

Our children are the future of the entire human race irrespective of color, ethnicity and nationality. The growth and success of the human civilization is on their tiny shoulders.

It is expected of them to be the torch bearer of the truth, wisdom, love and affection for every being in this world. To instill such values in our kids it is very important that they know that God is real and discover his great love for us. Our kids are like seeds, which on being watered and nurtured with the love of Jesus, will bear fruits of love and humanitarian values for the future generations to come. Not just for the sake of existence, involving kids to ave an encounter with God is also important for their spiritual and mental development.

So, what is the righteous path to raise our children? How to help kids know who God is?  Well, going to a healthy Church with kids, studying the Bible and spending quality time with them is essential. All these efforts are made by parents with the sole purpose of leading kids to the righteous path of love, devotion and care.

When it comes to nurturing children, the process starts from the day they are born. Teaching them the good way of life when they are able to understand and practice things is one thing and providing them a spiritual environment is the other thing. When your kids are growing they should have a religious and enlightened surrounding.

For instance, kids spend most of their time at home and thus, your home should be a place that creates a vibrant impact on their thoughts and instill them with the Holy Spirit. To make that true; you can put posters having spiritual images and inspirational thoughts on the walls of your home, that way the kids will always have something good to read or see.

Christian posters for kids can help

christian religious bible jesus posters kids puppy praise

Christian posters for kids can help make your children aware of God’s goodness

If you really want your kids to become better human beings in future who are also the true believers of the teachings of Holy Christ, so they develop their own faith in Jesus, then you must not step back in making such fruitful efforts. Make them read well to make them see well, there are posters and pictures available that showcase the great tenets of Christianity. Such stuff in your living space will transform your children’s lives for sure and they will always see the world with the lens of truth, love and positivity.

Nature Canvas Prints

nature canvas prints photos

God created us to live in Paradise, where we are constantly surrounded by the expressions of His majesty and goodness. Nature has a very healing and relaxing effect on us. Science has proven that enjoying nature’s beauty has a positive influence on our well being. It calms our nerves, inspires our mind and gives a sense of hope to our heart. It’s how we were designed: to enjoy the beauty of God’s amazing creation.

Sadly most of us are often locked up in stone buildings, far away from the wonderful beauty of God’s creation, where we were destined for. To help you experience the glorious beauty of nature in your daily life, nature photographer David Sorensen has now launched a brand new collection of living room wall art called PARADISE CANVAS PRINTS.

After years of working hard in Christian ministry and business, David Sorensen became overstrained. In order to find rest, he started spending a lot of time in nature. He was surprised how refreshing it was and much it helped him find new hope, peace and strength. It’s during this time that he began photographing nature, to capture the incredible beauty he saw,all around him. He wanted to bring this amazing beauty back under the attention of people.

nature canvas prints

David decided it would help many people enjoy God’s magnificent creation, if he could bring the splendor of nature inside their house and workplace. That’s why he created Paradise Canvas Prints.

You can now enjoy the wonderful colors, beauty, joy, inspiration and majesty of nature right in your home or office. Choose from Landscape Canvas Prints, Birds Canvas Prints, Flowers Canvas Prints, Wildlife Canvas Prints, Nature Canvas Prints and Colorado Wall art. Nature canvas prints are also a great gift for somebody you love. Everybody likes nature, and a gift with the glory of nature, is always sure to make your beloved ones happy.

Click here to visit Paradise Canvas Prints!


About Us

david sorensen christian posters

LifePosters.org is created by David Sorensen. David used to earn a lot of money with his creative gift, designing all sorts of products for secular companies. But his heart began to burn more and more to use his gifting to show people who God is.

David had run away from God for several years and when he came back to the Lord, he was touched in a deeply life changing way by the Holy Spirit. Since that day it has been his main desire to reveal Jesus Christ to others and see more people come home in the arms of the loving heavenly Father.

religious posters

After working for secular companies for several years, David began an adventure: he began to create a new collection of christian posters. As a former art student he had seen a lot of christian art, through the centuries, but he didn’t like most of wat he had seen. He knew that God is far more dynamic, powerful, beautiful and loving than what had been pictured in most of the religious art throughout history. David became one of the first christian artists worldwide to use the new technology of digital art to create brand new expressions of the beauty, goodness and love of God.

Soon David began to receive testimonies from people who said their lives had been saved, healed and changed through his christian posters.

David knew from his personal experience and professional training as an artist that art can be a door for the invisible, spiritual realm. When an artwork has been designed under inspiration of the Holy Spirit, it can become a literal door for heaven to touch people in the depths of their heart.

Not all the christian posters designed by David are available at LifePosters.org. Only some of his religious posters have been printed by Slingshot Publishing and these design are available at LifePosters.org But David created far more designs, to show God’s love for us in a visual way.

More christian posters designed by David can be found at his Zazzle Christian Posters shop.

These christian posters can be ordered at any imaginable size and can be printed on fine art paper, canvas, and many other materials. They can also be framed.

christian religious posters

Besides the posters from David Sorensen LifePosters.org features posters from various artists, all published by Slingshot publishing. David arranged the various design in categories, like Jesus Posters, Christian posters for youth, Bible Posters etc.



The Most Powerful Prayer

christian religious posters royal prayer

The most powerful prayer there is: a prayer given to us by God Himself.

A while ago I was praying in my barn. I shut off all the lights, so everything was dark and I was not distracted. Then I began to invite the Holy Spirit. I knew He is already inside of me and with me, but I invited Him to fill me and lead me to the throne room of God.

When I pray like this, I open my heart and let the deepest hunger in my heart speak: ‘I long for You Lord, I love You Lord, help me to see You Lord.’ The cry of my heart leads me in deep and passionate worship, of the most beautiful God of heaven and earth, the wonderful Maker and Father, our Greatly Beloved One.

Jesus said that those with a pure heart will see God.

We can see God with the eyes of our heart. Therefor I often ask the Holy Spirit: please show me Jesus, show me the Father, show me Who You are. Let me see You! When I am praying in my barn, in the dark, all alone, I can focus on Him with all my heart. (When it is too cold, I do the same in my living room by the way).

This evening I surrendered my heart completely to the Lord and I started worshipping Him. His presence began to fill me and my body started shaking under the power of God. In my minds eye I began seeing images of God showing me His majesty and power in ways I cannot describe. I often have this experience, when I pray, that His powerful current flows through me, which causes my arms and legs to tremble.


I began to see His glory, His beauty, His amazing majesty and I worshipped Him with all I had.

When I pray like this, I continually switch between speaking in tongues (the heavenly prayer language) and my own language. Sometimes I feel what I pray in my language is a translation of what I sang in tongues. It is always so wonderful to pray like this – in complete surrender, fully focused on Him. I don’t think of myself then, or my needs or my own world, but I totally look at HIM and focus my entire being on His glory and majesty. It’s about Him, not about me. That’s why the Spirit of God will open the eyes of my ear and show me pictures of Jesus, in His love and glory.

The prayer of Jesus

After this worship and intimacy with the Lord had lasted about half an hour, I felt led to start praying what Jesus Christ has told us:

‘Our Father in heaven,
holy is your name,
your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread.
And forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from the evil one.’
(Matthew 6:9-13)

It’s all about HIS name, HIS Kingdom, HIS will, HIS glory.

I started praying His prayer over my life, my beloved ones, my family: ‘Father, let YOUR WILL be done, let YOUR KINGDOM come, forgive our sins, deliver us from the evil one, because YOURS IS THE KINGDOM’, etc. I believe this is the most powerful prayer in heaven and on earth.

When I was done praying, I felt His presence beginning to lift a little bit and I knew it was time to go to bed. But when I entered my house, I suddenly felt this urge inside:

‘Teach the people of God to pray GOD’S PRAYER!’

‘Make a christian poster about it. Show them that this prayer is THE ROYAL PRAYER. It’s not just a prayer, no, this is the prayer that RELEASES GOD’S KINGDOM ON EARTH. It gives us forgiveness of sins, deliverance from the evil one, provision for our needs and it establishes GOD’S WILL on earth.’

So, before going to bed, I sat down behind the computer and started designing a christian poster, that I believe is directly inspired by the Holy Spirit. It’s called THE ROYAL PRAYER.

This prayer is a gift to us

christian religious posters prayer

I want to encourage you to buy this poster and discover the most powerful prayer there is, in heaven and on earth, the prayer God Himself gave to us, through Jesus Christ.

This prayer brings His glory and power on earth, in our lives.

Use it to bless yourself and many others with this glorious gift from the Father: He gave us a prayer He always answers, because it is HIS prayer. This is how Jesus Christ instructed His friends to pray. Not as a formula, but as a guideline.

I blend it in with my own words, and often use it as a thread throughout my own prayer.


May your life become fully immersed in the name, the will and the kingdom of God, and may you be delivered from the evil one, experience forgiveness of sins (while you forgive others) and may all your needs be met. Because from the Lord God Almighty, is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory forever and ever.


God is good

god is good

God is good, all the time, God is good.

Did you know that God is good – all the time? God is never in a bad mood, He is never evil, mean, dark or depressed. He is always GOOD. Because God is good, He is also the source of everything that is good:

‘Every good and perfect gift is from above,
coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights,
who does not change like shifting shadows.’
(James 1:17)

Because God is good, He loves to bless His beloved ones with good gifts.

He wants to make you happy, not miserable. He is not the kind of person who wants to hold good things back from us, no, He loves to pour out His goodness over us. He forgives our sins and wants to fulfil the desires of your heart.

‘Take delight in the Lord,
and he will give you the desires of your heart.’
(Psalm 37:4) 

‘If you, then, though you are evil,
know how to give good gifts to your children,
how much more will your Father
in heaven give good gifts

to those who ask him!’
(Matthew 7:11)

Few people know God as He truly is. Religion tries to make God look like a boring bully. But God is the direct opposite of everything that is boring or bad. In all His ways, God is good. He is pure love, kindness, mercy, faithfulness, joy, patience, freedom, beauty… and so much more!

god is good all the time

There is hope, because God is good

Because God is so good, in all He is, there is a bright hope for all of us. If God was evil, even if He was only evil once in a while, there would be no hope for many of us. But the wonderful truth is, that God is never bad… He is good, all the time! So anyone who loves God, can experience His goodness!

See the goodness of God in these magnificent God images >

‘Taste and see that the Lord is good;
blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.’
(Psalm 34:8)

‘I remain confident of this:
I will see the goodness of the Lord
in the land of the living.’
(Psalm 27:13)

God is good when life is bad

Throughout the centuries God became famous for being intensely good, despite horrible circumstances. When you are in the deepest darkness, when you go through deep valleys of struggle and trouble, that is when God wants to show you how good He is and how much God loves you. David wrote the world famous psalm with the words:

‘Thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil,… Surely goodness and lovingkindness shall follow me all the days of my life.’ (Psalms 23)

It doesn’t matter whether you are going through a tough time. God is still good. Just when you realize how good God is, despite everything, you’ll stand strong, break through and conquer the problems in your life.

See the mercy of Jesus Christ in these wonderful Jesus pictures >

Prophecy about Gods goodness

Below you can read an encouraging prophetic word, in which you hear God speak about His goodness and His love over you. Take time to let these words touch your heart, so they can bring healing, new hope and life. And share this with the ones you love, please. Let God’s love flow like a river…

If you don’t know what a prophetic word is, then read this article about the voice of God.

god is good prayer

God is good!

My beloved one,

I have come to give you life and life in abundance. I have not come to steal your happiness. But to give you joy, freedom, love.

I am GOOD.

I am here to fill you with myself, with my love and my goodness.

Don’t think that I want to diminish your joy. No, I came to fill you with love and joy. I am the source of everything that is good. I am the one who gives true happiness. I am the one who gives real joy to my beloved children.

‘The blessing of the Lord brings wealth, without painful toil for it.’ (Proverbs 10:22)

I am the God of life, the God of freedom and joy.

If you truly get to know Me, you will be satisfied with my goodness. I want to fill you so deeply, that you will be surprised by my love. I want to satisfy you with my goodness so you will become a source which flows my love towards many others.

Don’t think I am a God that takes away joy. No, I GIVE JOY, I give love in abundance.

I am the one that gives true love.

I know your heart, your needs, your desires, my child. I see your heart, I know your thoughts and I empathize with you, my beloved. I am here to fill your heart with a love that will never leave you, that will never disappoint you.

Because I am the God who IS love.

I am here to show you there is a love you have never known. I am here to show you that you are loved, precious, beloved. I love you dearly, my child. I want to show that there is a God that cares about you so much that He gave his life for you.

I died on the cross for you, says Jesus Christ.

I gave my life for you! Not to punish you, but to save you! I gave my life for you to free you from things that hinder you, that hamper you of the free, full life I want to give you.

Come to Me, drop all your worries and burden because I will fulfil you.

I am the one who gives love.

I am with you, says God. I have taken you by your hand and will NEVER let you go.

You are so precious to me. So precious, so precious. I have so much love for you. Let go of all your worries, let go of all your fears, let go of all your thoughts and come into my arms.

I love you so much. Rest in Me, trust in Me.

I am here with you, I care for you.

Come and let go, trust in Me. I make everything alright, in my time. I will help you, I support you and give you new courage.

– Your heavenly Father

God is good – Christian poster

I'm happy - Inspirational Christian Poster for kids and youth

Our christian posters help you experience the goodness and the love of God. They remind you day after day that God is good, and that He cares for you, despite what you are going through. Use these beautiful and inspiring Jesus posters as a tool to encourage yourself and to bless others.

True friendship

true friendship poster

We all long for true friendship. But… what is true friendship?

This christian poster reminds us of hallmark of true friendship: a friend loves at all times. But… is it possible for us to love at all times? We are all humans… so we all have mistakes, weaknesses, blind spots, frustrations and sins. Sometimes we are tired, overworked or depressed. It is very hard to be full of love all the time. We will always disappoint each other and even disappoint ourselves.

Yet, the heart of God is always full of love for us. He is our very best friend, who loves us at all times.

A big reason friends stop expressing love to one another, is because they misunderstand each other. People can find it very hard to fully understand what another person truly means. That is normal, it is human, it is typical for our limited ability to hear, feel, see and comprehend each other.

God always fully understands us. He sees the depths of our hearts. He knows our deepest hidden thoughts, feelings, motivations and desires. He knows our blind spots and He knows where we stand in wisdom and truth. He knows our wounds and hurts and is full of compassion for us.

He is your friend. Don’t lean on people, but rest in His arms of true love and true friendship.

The more we rest in God’s love for us and true friendship, the more we are filled with His Holy Spirit that gives us mercy and kindness for us, the more He is our true rock and refuge… the more we will be able to be a true friend for others.

These images of God show us the overwhelming love God has for us…
These Jesus pictures reveal the compassion Jesus has on sinners

When the love of God is the core foundation of our lives, we will not be dependent on others, to love us. Most frustration in relationships is because we look to each other, to fill our need for love. But humans can never fill our heart. Not even the very best humans!

True friendship comes from God

Sometimes God will bring us to a place of loneliness and frustration with people, so that we would learn that He is the only One who can fill our heart with lasting love.

Jesus Christ did many miracles that revealed God’s love for us. His main command to us, is to love one another as true friends. But He first says: I am your friend, come to Me and I will give you rest. I am the well of living water, that quenches your thirst.

true friendship

Filled with His everlasting love and kindness, we are then able to be true friends to each other.

Jesus also promised us the Holy Spirit, who would be our friend and comforter. He is always with us, in our greatest victories and our most painful losses. He is a true friend, a true comforter. And He gives us the promise, that when we are in pain or despair, He will comfort us and give us His love and strength, when we seek Him, and that we will then be able to give His comfort to others.

So, true friendship always starts with God.

God our Father in heaven is our very best friend, who loved us before we were born! Jesus Christ is our best friend, who loved us at our worst, when we lived in sin, and He offers His own blood and redemption to us. And the Holy Spirit is our best friend, who is always in us and with us and who comforts us.

When we truly learn to receive the true friendship from the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we will then be able to share His love with the people in our lives. And that is the most beautiful thing there is. Really…

Many blessings,
David Sorensen

Is God Real?

is god real

God is real is my other website where I explain how real God is.

This site gives convincing proof that God exists (like modern day miracles) and answers  questions like: who is God?, is Jesus God?, is there proof of heaven?, do angels exist? and much more.

Is God real?

Is God a fairy tail for people who need a crutch in life? Or is God real? How can we know for sure that God is real? These testimonies from my own life will show you that God is a reality – the most powerful reality there is!

Proof God exists

Is it possible to prove that God exists? Is there rock hard evidence for the existence of God? Are there facts that nobody can deny, that show us there is a God? Yes, and there is a lot of it. This article lists a lot of amazingly powerful evidence that proves in an undeniable way that God exists.

Who is God?

People have all sorts of opinions about God. Some even say God is the sun or ‘God is in all of us’. How can we know who God is? This article explains who God is and how we can truly know Him.

The power of God

The Love of God

The voice of God

Jesus Christ

Is Jesus God?

Is Jesus real

Jesus movie

What is the holy Spirit?

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

How to receive the Holy Spirit

Speaking in tongues

Do angels exist?

Proof of heaven

Modern day miracles

Voice of God recordings

Hearing God’s voice

Jesus Posters

jesus posters

Jesus posters with pictures and names of Jesus Christ

Jesus posters can literally save lives. Pictures of Jesus Christ show people the greatest reality in this world: God became a man, to die for us and give us eternal life and forgiveness of sins. Use these posters of Jesus Christ to bring His salvation to the world.

Jesus Posters Overview

We know the famous saying that an image is worth a thousand words. What happens if you combine words with images of God? The effect multiplies! The impact can last a lifetime, because people keep Jesus posters for many years.

Jesus posters are great to witness to others.

People tend to think that faith in God is old fashioned and boring. These cool Jesus posters can help to show to others that Jesus Christ is very much alive today. God is real and His love is revealed to millions worldwide, everyday! He can save and set people free today! He is not a relic from the past, but He is here to transform all of us.

jesus posters two

Use these Jesus posters to tell people about the reality of Jesus Christ, who can to die for us and save us, so we can be children of God. Jesus Christ did not come to bring a religion, He came to bring salvation, healing and deliverance, forgiveness of sins and a brand new life with God. Jesus did amazing miracles, to show the abundant and compassionate love God has for us. 

jesus poster born lived diedJesus Christ is the most amazing person we can imagine. He is full of the glory of God in all His ways. He  came to this world to show us exactly who God is. He expressed the heart and character of God in a perfect way. He is far more than a prophet or teacher or good man – He is the Son of God, the Word of God, God Himself, says the Bible. He came to set the captives free, to bring healing and salvation to the entire world. Everybody who believes in Him is saved from sin, guilt and eternal destruction and receives power to become beloved child of God.

It is my desire that these Jesus posters will help you and many others to see who Jesus Christ is.

He is not a religion, He is life, joy, freedom, power, peace and so much more. He is the ultimate expression of God Himself. Without Jesus Christ we are dead in our sins, we are lost in a dying world, we are guilty forever. With Jesus Christ we are forgiven, brand new, born again from the Holy Spirit, written in the hands of God.

It is not hard to become saved and set free. Simply bow down before Jesus Christ and ask Him to forgive your sins and become the Lord of your life. Bow down and surrender your entire being to Him. Ask Jesus Christ to become your Lord, your Friend, your God and King. Let Him be the One who sits on the throne of your life. Make Him the Master of your existence. Let Him have full control.

jesus poster know peaceJesus will show you the path of life, the goodness of God, the heart of your heavenly Father.

When you surrender to Jesus Christ and become a child of God, you will receive the heart and character of God inside your own being. It is then your choice whether you will start living out of this new heart or not. The Bible encourages us to WALK in the new identity we have in Jesus Christ. We can also choose to still life selfish, dishonest, proud and rebellious. But we also have the choice to submit ourselves to His godly discipline and become true children of Gd who obey there loving heavenly Father.

I encourage you to make a radical and lasting choir to become a true child of God, through faith in Jesus Christ. And obey Him. Love others the way He loves you. Give grace to others and walk in truth. Don’t use or abuse others, but serve them.

Become a true light in this world, because Jesus Christ is the light in you.

First Jesus Christ said ‘I am the light of the world. Who follows Me will not walk in darkness, because he wil have the light of life.’ Later Jesus said to those who believed in Him:

‘You are the light of the world, make sure your light is seen by the people. Shine bright, as a lamp on a lamp stand, as a city on a hill.’

Let’s be this bright light. Let’s not be religious hypocrits, but be true, honest, radical and pure. Let’s represent Him as He truly is. And use these powerful Jesus posters to remind yourself and others about the intense glorious Person of Jesus Christ who gave all He has, for us, to become Gods precious children.

jesus posters final

jesus posters landscape

Do you agree that these Jesus posters are awesome? Then please tell your friends about them! Thanks…