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bible posters

Bible posters encourage you and strengthen your faith.

Bible posters can be a tremendous blessing. They express the truth of God’s Word and the deep love of God in a visual way and can speak directly to our heart. We offer you some of the best Bible posters in the world, that have been a blessing for thousands of people worldwide. We have encouraging testimonies of people who told us how one of our Bible posters helped them to get closer to the Lord Jesus Christ and experience more of God.

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You have probably heard the saying ‘an image is worth a thousand words’. Bible posters combine powerful God inspired images with the life changing word of God. What happens? The effect multiplies! The christian artists who designed these Bible posters ask the Holy Spirit to inspire them, so the art becomes a tool in God’s hands to touch the hearts of His beloved children, drawing them closer to His heart. The Holy Spirit can give us revelations like spiritual pictures of Jesus in our minds eye, to behold His glory and majesty, which transforms us.

Bible posters help us remember how good God is.

This world is full of bad news. Bible posters help to keep your heart filled with the reality of the love, goodness and faithfulness of God. And they bring the message of God’s love to the world.

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The Bible shows us that God is real and He longs to reveal His goodness to us in ways, we never thought possible. Jesus Christ became a man, like you and me, and performed countless amazing miracles, to reveal the great power of God and His compassionate love for us. HIs desire is to bring us close to His heart and fill us with His Spirit.

Use these wonderful Bible posters to bring the light of Jesus Christ everywhere: classrooms, office, churches, bedrooms, homes…  Bible posters are also ideal as a gift for youth, teenagers, college students, teachers, kids,…

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