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Christian posters bring daily inspiration and encouragement and can actually change lives of many youths. The powerful truth of the Word of God can touch our heart at moments that we need it most. We have several wonderful testimonies from people who testify how Christian wall art helped them break free from sin and depression or how the Lord used a religious poster to reveal His deep love for them. Images can sometimes speak louder than a thousand words. We combine the word of God with powerful images, to ensure the impact is maximized. The following christian posters have been designed by David Sorensen, a christian artist who has a passion to show people the goodness of God in a visual way, through christian wall decor that has been inspired by the Holy Spirit. Display these Christian posters in homes, classrooms and churches to touch many hearts with the truth and love of God.

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NEW: Nature Canvas Prints

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We were created for Paradise, yet most of spend more time indoors than in God’s stunning creation. David Sorensen, the designer of Christian posters, has personally experienced how healing and refreshing it is to enjoy the beauty of nature. That’s why he has now created a brand new collection of living room wall art, called Paradise Canvas Prints, to help you enjoy the majesty, joy and beauty of nature right into your home and office. Now you can experience the refreshing splendor of nature everyday! You can choose from Landscape, Wildlife, Flowers, Colorado Wall Art, Nature and Birds. These wonderful nature prints are also ideal as a unique gift for someone you love.

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LifePosters also offers bible posters and Jesus posters designed by several other christian artists. Find your favorite Christian poster on this website, about prayer, the Bible, worship and with pictures of Jesus. Keep scrolling down to see more and more religious posters. Or use the navigation menu to go to the poster category of your choice.

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