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High quality gloss coating to maximize longevity
24″ x 36″ large formatted sizing

Christian posters: WILD ADVENTURE

God is a dreamer. He loves to dream big dreams over your life. He is God and He sees so much more than we do. He calls us to be His beloved children and to discover His heart of love and goodness.

One of the ways He reveals His tremendous love and goodness to us, is by fulfilling the deepest desires of our hearts. He even puts dreams in your heart, so you would begin to dream with Him. Daring to believe God gave you this dream and going after it, is a wild adventure. It’s an adventure of great faith, where you learn to be very dependent on Him and learn to trust His heart of faithful love and His hand of eternal power.

Never let your dreams die or be stolen. Dare to dream with God.

Dare to go for the desires of your heart. He put them there. He has so much more for you in store, than you cold ever dare to imagine. Because He is so much more loving and great than you can imagine.

Dare to trust Him. And go on this wild adventure with Him.

bible iconBible verse on this christian poster:

‘From the beginning of the world they have not heard, nor perceived with the ears, the eye has not seen, O God, besides thee, what things thou hast prepared for them that wait for thee.’ (Isaiah 64:4)

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