True friendship

true friendship poster

We all long for true friendship. But… what is true friendship?

This christian poster reminds us of hallmark of true friendship: a friend loves at all times. But… is it possible for us to love at all times? We are all humans… so we all have mistakes, weaknesses, blind spots, frustrations and sins. Sometimes we are tired, overworked or depressed. It is very hard to be full of love all the time. We will always disappoint each other and even disappoint ourselves.

Yet, the heart of God is always full of love for us. He is our very best friend, who loves us at all times.

A big reason friends stop expressing love to one another, is because they misunderstand each other. People can find it very hard to fully understand what another person truly means. That is normal, it is human, it is typical for our limited ability to hear, feel, see and comprehend each other.

God always fully understands us. He sees the depths of our hearts. He knows our deepest hidden thoughts, feelings, motivations and desires. He knows our blind spots and He knows where we stand in wisdom and truth. He knows our wounds and hurts and is full of compassion for us.

He is your friend. Don’t lean on people, but rest in His arms of true love and true friendship.

The more we rest in His love and true friendship, the more we are filled with His mercy and kindness for us, the more He is our true rock and refuge… the more we will be able to be a true friend for others.

When His love is the core foundation of our lives, we will not be dependent on others, to love us. Most frustration in relationships is because we look to each other, to fill our need for love. But humans can never fill our heart. Not even the very best humans!

True friendship comes from God

Sometimes God will bring us to a place of loneliness and frustration with people, so that we would learn that He is the only One who can fill our heart with lasting love.

Jesus Christ calls us to love one another as true friends. But He first says: I am your friend, come to Me and I will give you rest. I am the well of living water, that quenches your thirst.

true friendship

Filled with His everlasting love and kindness, we are then able to be true friends to each other.

Jesus also promised us the Holy Spirit, who would be our friend and comforter. He is always with us, in our greatest victories and our most painful losses. He is a true friend, a true comforter. ASnd He ives us the promise, that when we are in pain or des[air, He will comfort us and give us Hios love and strength, when we seek Him, and that we will then be able to give His comfort to others.

So, true friendship always starts with God.

God our Father in heaven  is our very best friend, who loved us before we were born! Jesus Christ is our best friend, who loved us at our worst, when we lived in sin, and He offers His own blood and redemption to us. And the Holy Spirit is our best friend, who is always in us and with us and who comforts us.

When we truly learn to receive the true friendship from the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we will then be able to share His love with the people in our lives. And that is the most beautiful thing there is. Really…

Many blessings,
David Sorensen

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