Christian inspirational art work, posters and gifts with bibleverse and scripture

I received a testimony from a lady who had a mental breakdown, after her husband left her. Every day she stood in front of the poster ‘God’s love for you is overwhelming’ and just looked at it. She told me:

Seeing the love of God through this poster, has healed me more then all the therapy I had.’

Another woman told me this wonderful experience she had: ‘I was verbally abused by my husband, and lay on my bed crying. My daughter came in with the poster ‘The Father loves you!’ as a gift for me. I felt a waterfall of love wash over me and I got such an experience and revelation of the Father’s love for me. It has changed me forever.

Now I have a deep knowledge of how the Father loves me, thanks to this poster that was given to me as a gift at a crucial time!’

One young man said he was kept from suicide by seeing one of our posters on a critical time in his live. He saw the poster ‘To God your are sublime’ and was so deeply touched, that he couldn’t stop weeping. He said: ‘I was on my way to do ‘something very stupid’…

…and God touched me through this poster. I still get emotional when I think back of it!’

A director of a school in Australia had put the poster ‘Fire of God’s love’ on the wall of his office. He said: ‘Every time I look at the poster, it so touches me that I feel a desire to get on my knees and pray’.

A pastor wrote me this story: ‘We were gathering with our house church in a home, where one of your posters was hanging. It was the poster ‘Jesus, Son of the almighty’. We were singing and dancing in worship to the Lord. We had a lady in our midst with a strong prophetic ministry.

Suddenly a she saw how angels came in the room through the poster.

It was literally a doorway from the spiritual into the natural. The angels danced and sang along with the people, and stood in front of the poster, talking about the name of Jesus Christ.’

This testimony shows us an extremely important reality:

Art can be a doorway from the spirit world to the natural world.

When something is truly inspired by God (or by satan) then it can be a window from God (or from satan) into this world.

So be careful what you put up in your home and what images or words you wear on T-shirts!