Jesus Posters

jesus posters

Jesus Posters

Jesus posters with pictures and names of Jesus Christ

Jesus posters with pictures of Jesus and the names of Jesus Christ. Jesus posters can literally save lives. Pictures of Jesus Christ show people the greatest reality in this world: God became a man, to die for us and give us eternal life and forgiveness of sins. Use these posters of Jesus Christ to bring His salvation to the world.

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Jesus Posters Overview

We know the famous saying that an image is worth a thousand words. What happens if you combine words with images? The effect multiplies! The impact can last a lifetime, because people keep Jesus posters for many years.

Jesus posters are great to witness to others.

People tend to think that faith in God is old fashioned and boring. These cool Jesus posters can help to show to others that Jesus Christ is very much alive today. He can save and set people free today! He is not a relic from the past, but He is here to transform all of us.

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Use these Jesus posters to tell people about the reality of Jesus Christ, who can to die for us and save us, so we can be children of God. Jesus Christ did to bring a religion, He came to bring salvation, healing and deliverance, forgiveness of sins and a brand new life with God.

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