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Christian art that is inspired by the Spirit of God can change your life and bring more of God into your home, church, office and classroom.

For the past ten years I have been designing Christian art, to help people experience more of the beauty and power of Jesus Christ. God has given us the gift of art, to express things that cannot be expressed in words. Making Christian artwork is of course not the same as creating idols that we worship. Some Christians are afraid of Christian images, because they think of the commandment in the book of Exodus, that says: ‘You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.  You shall not bow down to them or worship them’ (Exodus 20:4).

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Of course we don’t bow down for Christian artwork, but we use the wonderful gift of art to express the majesty, beauty and goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ.

This way Christian art is used to worship the one and truly God of Creation, the one who made us and who gave us the gift of creativity, which is meant to show others more of His beauty and His love.

Christian art is very powerful and can truly transform a life, because it shows the reality of the comforting love and the victorious power of the God who loves us so much, that He gave His life for us. The truth that is expressed by a piece of art can deeply touch us in our heart. In times of distress it can be a source of precious encouragement.

I have received many testimonies from people who say their lives have been changed by the impact of Christian art. Some people told me they received emotional healing from severe traumas, just by looking at one of our Christian posters.

When Christian artwork is inspired by the Spirit of God, it carries His power to touch a heart in a very deep way.

All art is inspired but sadly not all art is inspired by God. A lot of artwork is inspired by demons of death, lust, pride, depression, rebellion etc. Many people don’t realize how artwork in their house can be an open door for demons, to influence them. When a piece of art is inspired by an evil spirit, it can bring the influence of that spirit into your life. That is why the Bible calls us to be holy, which means to be set apart from every form of darkness and evil. God is pure light, pure life, pure joy, pure goodness.

christian art love godWhen we fill our home, our classrooms, our offices and our churches with Christian art that has been inspired by the God of life, joy, freedom etc. then His presence will increase!

I encourage you to have a look at our collection of Christian art. Here you can find a collection of Christian artworks that I designed myself. And here you find a wider collection of Christian posters, for classrooms, kids, offices, churches, etc.

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Many blessings,
David Sorensen

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